Friday, July 25, 2008

The 11 Best Songs By The Vines

Hep B is a sexually-transmitted disease. So I've been's quite nasty to catch. And by all means, I think it's a disease worth vaccinating against. But who needs to be vaccinated against it? If you thought "I think infants need to be vaccinated!" then you would get a gold star for today. Turns out that the very first vaccination shot an infant gets is the Hep B vaccine. And the doctors give it at 1 WEEK!!! Honestly, why in the world do infants need to be protected against a sexually-transmitted disease? I did some research about it. Turns out...more kids die from the vaccine in one year...than have EVER died from the disease....EVER! I understand the small pox vaccine...the mumps...chicken pox...polio...lupus (is there a lupus vaccine...if there is, then I get it), but Hep B? It's a sexually-transmitted disease. What infants are out on the town having unprotected sex? And if there are infants out there having unprotected sex...well, then their parents have much BIGGER problems than worrying about their kids catching Hep B.

The 11 Best Songs By The Vines:

1. Ride (Winning Days)
2. Get Free (Highly Evolved)
3. Animal Machine (Winning Days)
4. Autumn Shade II (Winning Days)
5. I'm Only Sleeping (I Am Sam Sdtk.)
6. Vision Valley (Vision Valley)
7. Outtathaway! (Highly Evolved)
8. TV Pro (Winning Days)
9. F.T.W. (Winning Days)
10. Take Me Back (Vision Valley)
11. Don't Listen To The Radio (Vision Valley)

Buy the Vines new album, MELODIA . BTW...who knew they even had a new album?


esreverniuoy said...

I only found out last week that they'd be putting out a new record. It's nice to see them back, but Craig Nicholls seems like a shell of his former self, lacking a little bit of ambition. That being said I enjoyed the new record, I've always enjoyed the band.

crowbarred said...

Awesome concept, Im writing a piece about Alice in chains and came across your 11 songs for them which has helped me very much in my research.... Thanks! Crowbarred

Someone as real as you said...

good point.I agree about the vaccination thing.Silly,really!
And thanks for the list of songs.I've started listening to them and really enjoy the Vines.