Thursday, July 17, 2008

The 11 Best Beck Non-Album Tracks:

So I know this is a bit of a cop-out...I had planned to do 3 Beck B-side albums...spanning his entire career. But with life (yes, that troublesome life) getting in the way, I've opted for something a little simpler. But look on the bright least I'm not doing the 11 worst Beck B-sides.

This was a little tough to put together. There are many great Beck B-Sides that have been officially released on the deluxe version of Odelay. and I try to make it a principle...if it's been officially released on an album, it can no longer be considered a B-side. So, I have pooled the remaining tracks and come up with this list.

The 11 Best Beck Non-Album Tracks:

1. One of These Days (Mutations-Era)
2. Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
3. Diamond in the Sleaze (Mutations-Era)
4. Diamond Bullocks (Mutations-Era)
5. Halo of Gold (Mutations-Era)
6. Fume (Mellow Gold-era)
7. This Girl That I Knew (Guero-Era)
8. Salt In The Wound (Midnight Vultures-era)
9. Midnight Vultures (Midnight Vultures-era)
10. Corvette Bummer (Mellow Gold-era)
11. This Is My Crew (Midnight Vultures-era)

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Lee said...

IMHO the best non-album Beck track would probably be "Feel Good Time" EXCEPT that since Pink took it for herself (it's on the Charlie's Angels 2 soundtrack) we're never going to hear the Beck version.

Edward said...

Great stuff...thanks for posting this. I hadn't heard four of the tracks before, so this was a nice surprise. Congrats on the new family addition too! :-)

My Friend Autumn said...

Diamond Bullocks was the hidden track on Mutations. Since that was an official release, I nominate "Electric Music and the Summer People" in its place.

aerolls said...

I would really love to hear an mp3 of One of the Days. It's one of the few Beck b-sides that I'm missing. I don't mean to seem greedy but is there any way you could share this mp3.