Monday, July 28, 2008

The 11 Best New Amsterdams Songs:

You know what day is the right day to have a kid? Yesterday.

It's actually an old saying about marriage. It's about how guys wait forever to ask a girl to marry them...waiting for the right time...when there is no such thing as the right time. Well, the same goes for having a kid. So many of my friends are "waiting" to have kids. Waiting to make more money...waiting to move into a bigger place...waiting until their emotionally ready. Well, none of this will EVER happen. If you want to get married...get married. If you want to have kids....have kids. I have close friends who were waiting for the right time to have kids...they kiept pushing year...the next year. Now they're getting divorced because one of them got tired of waiting and went and got someone else pregnant.

50 years ago, people lived in one-room apartments, with 10 kids, and ate big bags of oatmeal and rice. They did okay. You'll do fine.

The 11 Best New Amsterdams Songs:

1. Drinking In The Afternoon (Killed or Cured)
2. Hover Near Fame (Worse For Wear)
3. Turn Out the Light (Story Like A Scar)
4. Blood On The Floor (At the Foot of My Rival)
5. Smoking Gun (Worse For Wear)
6. Every Double Life (Never You Mind)
7. Just So Over You (Killed or Cured)
8. My Old Man Had A Pistol (Para Toda Vida)
9. Ex's and Oh's (The Companion of My Rival)
10. Watching The World Cave-In (Killed or Cured)
11. Doctor My Eyes (Story Like A Scar B-side)

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