Friday, July 18, 2008

The 11 Best Hold Steady Songs

Why do old people want to touch my baby? We have our 2-week -old baby in her car seat, sitting in the shopping cart with the seat hood pulled over her and covered by a blanket. One guess what she's doing: SHE'S SLEEPING. How come every person over the age of 90 has to walk by the cart and pull back the blanket and look at her? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people? Do you know what would happen if I walked into an elderly person's room at some unGodly hour like 9:00 Pm (get it? old people go to bed early)...and I pulled back their covers? They'd have a heart attack and die. Which is the reason why I don't do that to them. So...they should respect me for not coming into their room and waking them up by not scaring the crap out of my 2-week-old daughter. Think about it from her perspective. She's fast asleep in a nice quite environment...then suddenly an old woman's face pops up cackling. That's enough to scare me...imagine what mental trauma is being embedded in her psyche.

The 11 Best Hold Steady Songs:

1. Cattle and the Creeping Things (Seperation Sunday)
2. Chips Ahoy! (Boys and Girls in America)
3. Your Little Hoodrat Friend (Seperation Sunday)
4. Hot Soft Light (Boys and Girls in America)
5. Teenage Liberation (Boys and Girls in America B-Side)
6. Stuck Between Stations (Boys and Girls in America)
7. Stevie Nix (Seperation Sunday)
8. You Can Make Him Like You (Boys and Girls in America)
9. You Gotta Dance (Crisp Songs)
10. Hostile, Mass (Almost Killed Me)
11. Party Pit (Boys and Girls in America)

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Lee said...

I hear ya man. My daughter is almost a year old now, and for some reason everyone in the super market thinks she's some kind of public property they can paw and maul with their wrinkly old fingers.
Drives me crazy, and I don't really understand why they feel comfortable enough to do this to my baby?

Francois- Marie said...

The hold steady are brilliant.

Chips Ahoy is the best for me.

Sam said...

Any chance you could re-post Teenage Liberation? I've been looking for it for a while. Thanks!