Saturday, September 13, 2008

The 11 Best Metallica Songs (90s and beyond)

There's been one things on America's mind. One thing over the past couple weeks. Sarah Palin. It's hard to know the real Sarah Palin. There are so many internet rumors, it's hard to tell which are true. She's the grandmother of the Downs Baby, she supports Jews For Jesus, she left Wasilla in financial debt, and she tried to ban books. "Banning Books" was the one that grabbed my attention. Did this woman really try to ban books? According to her She only asked the librarian if she would be okay censoring some of the books in the library. It didn't mean was just a question. Okay...well, let me ask you this...who the hell asks someone if they'd be okay censoring books...if they didn't want to censor books? She obviously wanted to censor books...or she would have never asked the question!! It would be like me asking my friend how he would feel if I slept with his wife. I don't really want to sleep with your wife...I just want to know how you feel about it. Yeah...that would go over great with anyone!

The 11 Best Metallica Songs (90s and beyond):
1. Enter Sandman (Black)
2. Die, Die My Darling (Garage Inc.)
3. Bleeding Me (Load)
4. Don't Tread on Me (Black)
5. Sabbra Cadabra (Garage Inc.)
6. So What (B-Side/Garage Inc.)
7. Sweet Amber (St. Anger)
8. Holier Than Thou (Black)
9. Fuel (Re-Load)
10. Ain't My Bitch (Load)
11. Unforgiven (Black)

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David Snusgrop said...

Good call on Bleeding Me, brillant song.

Oh, and that baby rant cracked me up :)