Friday, September 12, 2008

The 11 Best Metallica Songs (80s)

So I've decided to split up the Metallia lists into two days. Today will be the songs of the 80s while tomorrow will feature everything else. I only really did this because none of the songs that came after AJFA even made the countdown. There were already too many great songs from the 80s that didn't even make this list: Battery, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Creeping Death, Damage Inc., Dyer's Eve. I wasn't about to shove "Hero of the Day" alongside some of the greatest high-octane thrash metal songs from Kill 'Em All and pretend that they were the same thing. That's not to say that there isn't good material in the Bob Rock years. There are...and there's some great songs, too...but they're just not the same.

The 11 Best Metallica Songs (80s)

1. ...And Justice For All (...And Justice For All)
2. One (...And Justice For All)
3. Fade To Black (Ride The Lightning)
4. Last Caress (Garage Days)
5. Four Hoursemen (Kill 'Em All)
6. Master of Puppets (Master of Puppets)
7. Seek and Destroy (Kill 'Em All)
8. Blackened (...And Justice For All)
9. Sanitarium (Master of Puppets)
10. Things That Should Never Be (Master of Puppets)
11. Whiplash (Kill 'Em All)

(all songs from the Free concerts at

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Subservient Experiment said...

One is epic, but I think it's still gotta be Master of Puppets for me. Hopefully their new disc is killer and brings em back to the forefront of metal.


Chris said...

hah! awesome.. either you read my post and went for it or already had this decided. the new disc does seem intriguing since it seems to follow a similar mentality of the 80's material. but i could easily be wrong i'm going by the lil' bits i listened to and lengthyness of each song. i however REALLY dig the cover. very artsy for metallica.

Michael said...

Yup, I'm down with this list, too. Good choices all the way 'round. And an excellent idea to break the lists up into two. Look forward to tomorrow's rendition, if only to see what kind of not-goodness gets put up, just by sheer virtue of being released in that time frame.