Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Unknown: The Complete Travis B-Side Archive

Don't get too excited...there are no MP3s on this page. I just wanted to do a complete list of all the Travis B-Sides, Bonus Tracks, EPs, and various rare stuff from each stage in their career. I've compiled all the tracks from each era into their own individual albums, obviously named for the parent album they were spawned from. I'm actually only missing two of the tracks (12th Memory from the Japanese version of 12 Memories...and the studio version of All The Young Dudes.) If I missed anything...please let me know. I've excluded most of the bonus tracks that are usually available at the end of the albums...maybe a few have slipped in...but for the most part, if you can buy the album and the track is on's not a b-side and you won't find it here.

Next week is Travis considered this like a sneak preview trailer...

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Bad Feelings (Good Feelings Era)

1. Gimme Some Truth
2. Hazy Shades of Gold
3. City in the Rain
4. Unbelievers
5. Standing On My Own
6. Me Beside You
7. Blue on a Black Weekend
8. 1922
9. When I'm Feeling Blue
10. Everyday Faces
11. Mother
12. Whenever She Comes Around
13. Combing My Hair
14. Good Time Girls
15. Reason
16. Beautiful Bird

The Woman Who (The Man Who Era)

1. Green Behind The Ears
2. Only Molly Knows
3. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
4. High As A Kite
5. Be My Baby
6. Where Is the Love?
7. River
8. Days of Our Lives
9. Urge For Going
10. Village Man
11. We Are Monkeys
12. Baby, One More Time

The Highly Visible Band (The Invisible Band Era)

1. Coming Around
2. Rock N' Roll Salad
3. The Weight
4. Just The Faces Change
5. The Connection
6. Central Station
7. You're A Big Girl Now
8. Ancient Train
9. A Little Bit Of Soul
10. Killer Queen
11. Beautiful
12. No Cigar
13. All The Young Dudes
14. Here Comes the Sun

16 Memories (12 Memories Era)

1. Walking In the Sun
2. Bring Me Round
3. I Forget My Name
4. Life and Soul of the Party
5. The Distance
6. Distraction
7. Definition of Wrong
8. Enemy
9. Don't Be Shy
10. Know Nothing
11. I Don't Mean To Get High
12. 12th Memory
13. Good For Nothing
14. Back In the Day
15. The Sea
16. The Score

The Girl With Too Many Names
(The Boy With No Name Era)

1. The Great Unknown
2. Pulling Mussels (From A Shell)
3. Chances
4. Up The Junction
5. This Love
6. You Bring Me Down
7. My Last Chance
8. Perfect Heaven Space
9. The Day Today
10. Say Hello
11. Lovely Rita
12. Is That Love?


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