Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The 11 Worst Ice Cube Movies

Ice Cube may be one of the most important figures in all of rap. But his movie legacy is more like a trip to Knott's Berry Farm. There are always long lines and the ride usually ends up sucking...with a few exceptions. For Ice Cube these exceptions would be Friday, Three Kings, Boyz, and a slight smile for Barbershop. And why is the "Ni**a we all love to hate" doing family films? He went from"F**k the Police" to "Are We There Yet?" That's like George Bush leaving the White House to become a welcoming host at an abortion clinic. I don't know whethere to laugh now or cry later.

The 11 Worst Ice Cube Movies:

1. First Sunday (2008)
2. Ghost of Mars (2001)
3. Friday After Next (2002)
4. Are We Done Yet? (2007)
5. Are We There Yet? (2005)
6. Anaconda (1997)
7. XXX: State of the Union (2005)
8. Next Friday (2000)
9. Torque (2004)
10. Higher Learning (1995)
11. Trespass (1992)

Pick Ice Cube's new release....The Essentials.

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Chris said...

wasn't ice cube also in higher learnings? i could just as easily look this up... but i'm not gonna. just gonna leave it out there. but.. i don't think i've ever thought of how many horrible movies he's made... just more about how many horrible sequels to an amazing movie like friday there was.