Thursday, September 18, 2008

The 11 Best Okkervil River Songs

The world is in financial ruin. And who is everybody blaming? Clinton. Hilary? Nope...Bill Clinton. Why Bill Clinton you ask? The man hasn't been in office in 7 years. What is it that Bill did to cause this crisis? What is the evil thing that he did to cause you to lose your life's savings? Simple...he was a Democrat.

Many of the so-called economic experts (or also known as journalists with a self-proclaimed title) are claiming that Clinton strong-armed banks to give bad loans to low income families under a Carter-era law. Here's the problem with's just not true. The "Carter-era" law was actually signed into law in 1974 under Gerald Ford...a Republican. "Regulate" is a republican code word for "enfore the law." So clinton enforced a Republican law that said you couldn't exclude low income families because of the color of their skin...and therefore caused the financial ruin that we're in. But here's where it totally breaks down...90% the bad loans that caused the subprime mortgage crisis were written in 04, 05, and 06...when Clinton was no longer in office and no longer able to strong-arm anyone.

Ironically, through-out all one has brought up John McCain's direct role in the Savings and Scandal of the 80s that cost Americans billions...and made his wife lots of money. Although, I'm sure if you ask a Republican about it...they'll find some way to blame Obama for that one.

The 11 Best Okkervil River Songs:

1. Black (Black Sheep Boy)
2. Lady Liberty (Don't Fall in Love with Everyone You See)
3. Plus Ones (Stage Names)
4. No Key, No Plan (Black Sheep Boy Appendix)
5. Okkervil River Song (Don't Fall in Love with Everyone You See)
6. Love To A Monster (The Stage Names Bonus Track)
7. For Real (Black Sheep Boy)
8. The War Criminal Rises and Speaks (Down The River of Golden Dreams)
9. Listening To Otis Redding (Don't Fall in Love with Everyone You See)
10. You're United Again (Sleep and Wake-Up Songs)
11. You Can't Hold The Hand of A Rock and Roll Man (Stage Names)

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