Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The 11 Best Jenny Lewis Songs

Years ago, a blogger, named Maddox, did a brilliant commentary about "your" kids being special. Basically, he said...your kids are not smart, your kids are not talented, and your kids are not special. They may be all these things to YOU...but to the rest of the world...they're just stupid kids.

I want to take this one step further and talk about the fact how many parents today don't think their kids are sick...and worst of all...that they're not contagious either. Yesterday, while I was waiting for my older daughter during her gym class, or as I like to call...glorified and expensive babysitting....another parent had her younger androgynous child running around with a nose dripping like leaky faucet. This kid would not leave my 10-week-old daughter alone. Every other minute, the kid was devising some master plan to put its mucus-coated little hands on my young one. And what did the mother do to try and stop this from happening? Nothing. She just smiled and told me with some sort of guilt-inducing smugness...her kid luuuuves touching babies...she's just obsessed! As if I'm going to put my daughter's life at risk so your disease bomb can grabble with her maternal inclinations. If you kid's that obsessed with babies that it can't find something else to do in a room full of toys except accost mine...then you need to buy this kid a freaking! I finally, gave up trying to be nice and told the woman that I'm really trying to be conscious of trying to keep my kid from getting sick. The woman totally understood and responded..."don't worry, my kid's not contagious...I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow."

The 11 Best Jenny Lewis Songs (minus Rilo Kiley)

1. You Are What You Love (Rabbit Fur Coat)
2. Handle With Care (Rabbit Fur Coat)
3. End of the Affair w/ Johnathan Rice (Further North)
4. The Charging Sky (Rabbit Fur Coat)
5. It Wasn't Me (Rabbit Fur Coat)
6. The District Sleeps Alone Tonite w/ the Postal Service (Give Up)
7. Rise Up With Fists!!! (Rabbit Fur Coat)
8. Roll On w/ Dntel
9. Melt Your Heart (Rabbit Fur Coat)
10. It Was Love w/ the Elected
11. Little Boxes w/ Johnathan Rice (Weeds Sdtk)

Savefile is I'll try to post some new tracks soon. If anyone knows of a better free service than savefile...please let me know.

Buy Jenny Lewis' new album, Acid Tongue.


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Did you go to Pacomia Jr. High Jenny?