Monday, February 02, 2009

I can't say I was a fan of yesterday's Super Bowl. I was pulling for the Cardinals...but I'm not really an Arizona fan...nor a Kurt Warner fan. And that said...I kinda of like the Steelers. I've had both Willie Parker and Big Ben in my Fantasy League over the past two years. Both did very well for me. Had the Steelers come in and blown out the would have been a bummer...but the Steelers would have earned it. But they didn't. The Steelers were supposed to dominate. They didn't. The Cardinals were supposed to fold under the pressure. They didn't. And what turned into an intense and exciting 4th quarter ended on a very fanti-climatic moment.

When tackled, Kurt Warner was attempting to throw a pass, which should have been called an incomplete pass. Same thing happened to Big Ben in the 3rd was called an incomplete pass. But against Warner, the referee called it a fumble. Upon instant replay, it was pretty clear...this was an incomplete pass. But the referees didn't even review the play. Even if it was beyond clear that this was a fumble, considering this is the most important game of the year...why wouldn't they take an extra minute just to be sure?! And what's worse...there wasn't even an explanation of the call. The game just ended. Granted, Arizona had to score a touchdown in 4 seconds to win...but after the Personal Foul on the Steelers...they would have been inside Pittsburgh's 30 with a very good shot at scoring. But that didn't happen...the officials ended the game without conferrring...without double-checking...and without respect for the teams playing.

What's more frustrating about the end of this game...this is now the 2nd Super Bowl with a ton of contested calls that all went in favor of the Steelers. Forgot about the last Super Bowl with the Steelers...just ask the Seattle Seahawks to remind you.

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9. Tunnel of Love
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