Thursday, February 26, 2009

The 11 Best Songs By M. Ward

He's been called the Bob Dylan without talent, the Elliott Smith without pain, the Nick Drake without heart, the Ryan Adams without 8000 unreleased demos, the Joni Mitchell with testicles. (okay, I made up the last one). But the one thing that M.Ward persistant. I'll have to be perfectly honest, I was never a fan. That is until She & Him. If someone as hot as Zooey Deschanel thinks there's something special about this guy...then he's definitely worth another listen. And so far, Hold Time is my favorite album of the year. Since then, I've gone back to do some rediscovery and this is the result.

Here are the 11 Best Songs by M. Ward:

1. Poison Cup (Post-War)
2. Chinese Translation (Post-War)
3. Vincent O'Brien (Transfiguration of Vincent)
4. Post-War (Post-War)
5. Carolina (End of Amnesia)
6. Eyes on the Prize (Post-War)
7. Beautiful Car (Duets For Guitars)
8. Outta My Head (Transfiguration of Vincent)
9. Undertaker (Transfiguration of Vincent)
10. Sweethearts on Parade (Transistor Radio)
11. Let's Dance (Transfiguration of Vincent)

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Dappafunk said...

You missed "Rollercoaster" !! I think that he's pretty underappreciated...Maybe cause his music is so sleepy...

Cool blog, keep up the interesting posts!


Evan Johnson said...

Great list!

What I like about M. Ward is that a lot of his songs speak to people differently.

- Evan Johnson

Cul-de-Sac said...

Use of violin in songtrack-tick!
Use of gravelly voice-tick!
Use of slightly distorted guitar[s]-tick!
(and no he isn't Mike Oldfield.:p)
Use of sleepy/gargling vocals and slow slow paino and little licks half feard in the fad-[ing] distance-tick!

What the hells not to like about the guy?
Gimkme more M.Ward and gimme him now! you've gotta love it.