Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The 11 Best Songs by the Von Bondies

The Von Bondies have always lived in the shadow of their Detroit counter-part, the White Stripes. Both bands share very similar bare bones, blues-influenced, in your face, blow out your speakers, rock 'n' roll. Both bands are male-female combos. The only real difference is that the Von Bondies are 4-piece and the White Stripes are humongus rock stars.

What's most compelling about the two bands is the path they took. As the White Stripes got bigger, they found a way to re-invent their sound, experimenting and keeping their music fresh. While the Von Bondies (though they owe much of their survival to Dennis Leary), have struggle for success and allowed their sound to become more polished and produced, hoping just to find a place to fit in.

Here are the 11 Best Songs by the Von Bondies

1. C'mon C'mon (Pawn Shoppe Heart)
2. Pawn Shoppe Heart (Pawn Shoppe Heart)
3. Broken Man (Pawn Shoppe Heart)
4. It Came From Japan (Lack of Communication)
5. Only To Haunt You (Lost Boys 2)
6. Please Please Man (Lack of Communication)
7. The Fever (Pawn Shoppe Heart)
8. Not That Social (Pawn Shoppe Heart)
9. No Sugar Mama (Lack of Communication)
10. No Regrets (Pawn Shoppe Heart)
11. Heartlessly Hopeless (C'mon, C'mon single)

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Ricky said...

I agree with you about the White Stripes effect on the Von Bondies.
However I really like "C'mon C'mon"

Enjoying Music !!
Trance DJ