Monday, February 23, 2009

The 11 Best Songs By Asobi Seksu

The worst gift ever has to be those Visa Gift Cards. I know it seems like a great idea. But why is it a great idea? Aren't you just giving the person cash? If you want to give them cash...just give them cash. The Visa gift card gives off the illusion that it's more prestigous than cash...when it's really just cash.

The Visa gift cards are actually a rip-off. You have to pay $5 just to activate the card. Then if you don't use all the money on the card during the first can't get it. I had a $50 card and I spent $44 of it. I had $6 remaining. But no matter where I went, I could not access the cash. I called Visa, they said I could only use the card to purchase the exact dollar amount remaining on the card, which for me was $6.71. I tried that...with the friendly help of a cashier. Still didn't work. I called Visa again. They said the cashier didn't know what they were doing and to try it again. I tried it at three different places. Still didn't work. Visa assured me that the card was was just the cashiers who didn't know what they were doing. I asked them if they could send me a check for the remaining balance. They said I already had the card...which works just like cash. I assured doesn't.

Lesson to be learned: There is nothing better than cash.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Asobi Seksu:

1. New Years (Citrus)
2. Goodbye (Citrus)
3. I'm Happy But You Don't Like Me (Asobi Seksu)
4. Strings (Citrus)
5. Walk On the Moon (Asobi Seksu)
6. Strawberries (Citrus)
7. Red Sea (Citrus)
8. It's Too Late (Asobi Seksu)
9. Nefi + Girly (Citrus)
10. Sooner (Asobi Seksu)
11. Mizu Asobi (Citrus)

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