Sunday, September 13, 2009

The 11 Best Jay-Z Guest Spots

The first Sunday of the 2009/10 NFL season has come to a close. Sunday's games were more grind-it-out exhibitions than scoring frenzies. Is this a clue to the season that is to come?..if's going to be a very tough one to decipher. the fact the teams are still settling into their new line-ups? Leftwich and Gonzales are now a Falcons, Orton a Bronco, Cutler a Bear, TJ a Seahawk...and Favre a Viking??? It'll be especially interesting to see how these new roles pan out...or if they're merely roadstops onto another pasture.

If you haven't picked up Blueprint's only $3.99 right now. That's nothing for one of the last great hip-hop artists.

The 11 Best Jay-Z Guest Spots:

1. Encore - Linkin Park/Jay-Z (Collision Coourse)
2. Never Let Me Down - Kanye West ft. Jay-Z (The College Drop-Out)
3. Crazy in Love - Beyonce ft. Jay-Z (Dangerously In Love)
4. Diamonds From Sierra Leone - Kanye West ft. Jay-Z (Late Registration)
5. Flip Flop Rock - Outkast ft. Jay-Z (Speakerboxxx/The Love Below)
6. Mr. Carter - Lil Wayne ft. Jay-Z (Tha Carter III)
7. Frontin' - Pharrell ft. Jay-Z (The Neptunes Present)
8. Black Republican - Nas ft. Jay-Z (Hip Hop Is Dead)
9. Dear Summer - Memphis Bleek ft. Jay-Z (534)
10. 8 Miles and Running - Freeway ft. Jay-Z (8 Mile)
11. Umbrella - Rhianna ft. Jay-Z (Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded)

buy the Blueprint 3. Now. don't's almost sold out. cause it's only $3.99!!!!

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