Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The 11 Best Songs By Jay-Z

Are the Beatles sell outs? I have friends that think it's disgusting that the Beatles have their own video game. But how is having video game make you a sell out? The Beatles are entertainers. Video games are entertainment. How is combining the two a negative thing? And this is the Beatles we're talking about. The most shrewd businessmen in the music biz (second only to Gene Simmons). The Beatles have board games, comic books, neck ties, lunch boxes, action figures, movies, shoes, music videos, purses, teapots, etc....yet a video game...that's selling out?

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Jay-Z:

1. Brooklyn's Finest (Reasonable Doubt)
2. Heart of the City (Ain't No Love) - (The Blueprint)
3. Dead Presidents (Reasonable Doubt)
4. 99 Problems (The Black Album)
5. The Blueprint 2 (The Blueprint 2: The Curse)
6. Roc Boys (American Gangster)
7. Do You Wanna Ride (Kingdom Come)
8. Song Cry (The Blueprint)
9. Hard Knock Life (Hark Knock Life)
10. The City is Mine (In My Lifetime)
11. Politics As Usual (Reasonable Doubt)

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, the Beatles had their own Saturday morning cartoon (which they failed to provide voices for).

Mushi Loola said...

Hey, they're all dead anyway. Who cares?

Michael said...

Is Brooklyn's Finest only at number one because of Biggie? I've gotta go with Heart of the City. Reverse the top 2 and this is one fiiiiine list.

Curt Shannon said...

Nope Mushi, only George and John are dead. Paul and Ringo are still with us.

JL said...

Interesting list. I was always partial to "D'Evils", "This Can't Be Life" and "Who U Wit".