Friday, September 25, 2009

The Unknown: The xx and JJ

Two of the hottest bands this late summer are the goth-folk experience known as the xx...and the world-influenced bubble pop of JJ. Their success is due to the simplified approach to music making...that bigger isn't necessarily better. And the brevity of their names is a perfect example of how little you need to do to get your point across. But they are not the first to try their hand at the double letter fact there are already a long line of suitors.

The xx: Stars

JJ: My Hopes and Dreams

Here are the 11 best double letter artists:

1. B.B. King
2. LL Cool J
3. ZZ Top
4. Dee Dee Ramone (okay...a little cheat)
5. A. A. Bondy
6. C.C. Deville (Poison)
7. GG Allin
8. TT Quick
10. WW
11. PP Arnold

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Luis said...

goth folk???