Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Unknown: The Black Crowes - Rustic Cabin in an Evergreen Woods

Some bands can't do it. They need songwriters, producers, mastering, and guest vocalists to make their albums worthy. Put these bands on a stage with only their instruments and their voices to carry them...and most flop harder than fat guy on a high dive. That's what amazes me most about the Black Crowes. Here's a band that just writes good music. Kind like what bands used to do back in the day. How novel. On their new album (Before The Frost)...they perform all their songs live in a studio session inside a barn. That's right...inside a freaking barn!!! Take that Fall Out Boy. It's not only one album's worth of's two. That's right a blues rock album and country album. And it's only $3.99. Linkin Park's new album was $14.99 and it was only 36 minutes of music. Guess which band is overcompensating.

The Black Crowes - Rustic Cabin in an Evergreen Woods

1. Rainy Day Woman #12 and #35
2. Don't Wake Me
3. Waitin' Guilty
4. Somebody's On Your Case
5. 99 lbs.
6. Song of the Flesh
7. Just Say You're Sorry
8. Sunday Buttermilk Waltz
9. It Must Be Over
10. You Don't Have to Go
11. Mellow Down Easy

Buy The Black Crowes new album (Before The Frost...Until the Freeze) now for only $3.99. Come on can't beat that deal with a baseball bat. (I don't know what that means)

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