Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The 11 Best Songs By Pete Yorn

Over the next few weeks (probably months) I'll be making the jump to my new site. It's already up and running and mirror image of this one. You can check it out here (www.goodbadunknown.com). I'm still learning how to use Wordpress...so that's been the delay.

I've also started using Twitter for this site...you can add me via (goodbadunknown).

Also visit my Amazon store, where I feature albums (and more) from this blog...with some really good deals. (including the new Pete Yorn/Scarlett Johansson for only $2.99).

It's Pete Yorn's second album of 2009. Don't be discouraged by his last homogenic endeavor, this time around he's brought Scarlett Johansson to win us all back.

The 11 Best Songs By Pete Yorn:

1. Lose You (Music For The Morning After)
2. Strange Condition (Music For The Morning After)
3. Murray (Music For The Morning After)
4. Undercover (Nightcrawler)
5. For Nancy (Music For The Morning After)
6. Splendid Isolation (Nightcrawler)
7. Committed (The Day I Forgot)
8. Life On A Chain (Music For The Morning After)
9. Crystal Village (The Day I Forgot)
10. China Girl (B-Side)
11. Paradise Cove (Back & Forth)

Buy Pete's new album with Scarlett Johansson, Break Up. Get it now from my Amazon site for only $2.99. That's cheaper than a ringback tone. Man, I'm such a whore.

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