Sunday, September 20, 2009

The 11 Best Pearl Jam Songs (90s):

With the Beatles Rock Band and Pearl Jam's exclusive deal at Target...the term "sell-out" is getting thrown around way too much. "Sell-out" should really be the term that describes a band who was on the outside looking in that sold their principles to get a good seat on the bus. For example...if Fugazi all of sudden hired Will.I.Am to produce their album of hip-pop for an exclusive deal at Walmart about how wonderful corporate America is...then they would sell-outs. Pearl Jam is already popular. They don't need fact, they don't need anyone. If anything, Target needs them more than they need it. And you can still buy Backspacer at it's not that exclusive. Physical CDs are going away fast. Having a physical CD is a token of a past social meme. But if you do go out and buy the disc, the band is rewarding everyone with a free download of 2 Pearl Jam concerts of your choice. And they're Pearl Jam they're not short. That's helluva a lot music for the price of one CD. Giving away free concerts doesn't make you a sell-out...if anything, it shows you're still as true to the fans as you've ever been.

Here are the 11 Best Pearl Jam Songs (90s):

1. Porch (Ten) 2. Black (Ten)
3. Animal (Vs.)
4. Not For You (Vitalogy)
6. Corduroy (Vitalogy)
7. Alive (Ten)
8. I Got Id (Merkinball)
9. Indifference (Vs.)
10. Yellow Ledbetter (Ten B-Side)
11. Do The Evolution (Yield)

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Rojikanta said...

One of the forerunners of the grunge movement, Pearl Jam have come a long way. Ten, released in '91 will always remain their greatest. No doubt, some of my 'best Pearl Jam songs' are from this album. My top ten :
(1) Alive
(2) Jeremy
(3) Yellow ledbetter
(4) Down
(5) Black
(6) Nothingman
(7) Rearviewmirror
(8) Soldier of love
(9) Given to fly
(10) Soon forget

Dianne Grover said...

Indeed, Pearl Jam is one of the best. I so love their songs like Alive, Black, Jeremy, Not for Your, Soldier of Love, Porch and Animal. They really define good music. Thank you for sharing this list. For music enthusiasts, your post will surely be interesting for them (including those who have mastered their skills using guitar picks for instance). I got to find these other song in iTunes if they are available.