Saturday, June 12, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Hot Hot Heat

For weeks we've been hearing about the epic USA vs. England World Cup match-up. An epic game between countries with major political history.  I was in.  I was excited.  I planned my whole weekend around it.  I couldn't wait.  But after weeks of waiting for this slugfest...the game ended in a 1-1 tie.  A tie.  A stupid tie.  Whoever came up with the idea that ties should score the soccer teams a point, should be punched in the stomach.  Ties shouldn't count for anything.  It's a tie.  There is NO winner.  No one should be rewarded.  It defeats the purpose of playing the game.  The teams were tied before the game even started.

There should be no ties.  There should overtime or shoot-outs.  Or even better...penalize teams for a tie.  Subtract points.

What happened if the rest of society ran like World Cup Soccer?  Could Presidential Candidates tie?  What about Best Picture candidates?  Court cases?  Sex?

If everything ended in tie...what would be the point of anything?

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Hot Hot Heat:

1.  Goodnight Goodnight (Elevator)
2.  Give Up? (Happiness Ltd.)
3.  Middle of Nowhere (Elevator)
4.  Bandages (Make Up The Breakdown)
5.  Get In or Get Out (Make Up The Breakdown)
6.  You Owe Me An IOU (Elevator)
7.  No, Not Now (Make Up The Breakdown)
8.  Harmonicas & Tambourines (Happiness Ltd.)
9.  Oh Goddammit (Make Up The Breakdown)
10.  Jingle Jangle (Elevator)
11.  Le Le Low (Knock Knock Knock)

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