Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Tokyo Police Club

Why are the MTV movie awards more interesting than the Video Music Awards?  I honestly don't care for the awards part.  Any award show where Twilight takes home the movie of the year prize has some serious legitimacy problems.  But the show itself, the spoofs and the presenters are far more interesting than the video aawards.  Recently the video awards have been a full blown lip syncing dance party, featuring medicore artists who can't even play their music live.  There's no mre improv like Kurt Cobain singing rape Me seconds before he could be sensored...or the dude from Rage Against the Machine climbing on the set pieces.  Now everything's plotted out and planned.  It's become second-rate soft-serve vanilla.  The video music awards used to be cool...now I'd rather watch the Grammy's.

Here are the 11 Best Song By Tokyo Police Club:

1.  Your English Is Good (Elephant Shell)
2.  Nature of the Experiment (A Lesson In Crime)
3.  Juno (Elephant Shell)
4.  Tessellate (Elephant Shell)
5.  Cheer It On (A Lesson In Crime)
6.  If It Works (A Lesson In Crime)
7.  Cut, Cut, Paste (Smith)
8.  Nursery, Academy (Elephant Shell)
9.  The Baskervilles (feat Aesop Rock) - Single
10.  Citizens of Tomorrow (A Lesson In Crime)
11.  Box (Smith)

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