Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists "With Love and Squalor" was probably my last impulse musical buy.  Back in the day, when strolling through a used CD store, if a band name or album cover caught my eye...I would sometimes take a chance on the record.  This was especially the case when I was sifting through the dollar racks.  I discovered a lot of cool bands doing this.  Of course, I came home with a lot of crap, too.  I currently have boxes of crap sealed up, collecting dust in my garage.  Crap so bad, I can't even sell the cases back because they've been exposed to such musical excrement and are now forever tarnished.

We Are Scientists wasn't a used purchase.  It was a new purchase.  It wasn't the cover that attracted me to the band.  In fact the cover almost made me reconsider.  It was the name of the band.  It was a cool name with a subtle tinge of humor.  I knew these guys had to be listenable at worst.  And years, later, I'm still a fan. 

Here are the 11 Best Songs By We Are Scientists:

1.  This Scene Is Dead (With Love and Squalor)
2.  It's A Hit (With Love and Squalor)
3.  Lethal Enforcer (Brain Thrust Mastery)
4.  Let's See It (Brain Thrust Mastery)
5.  Ram It Home (Crap Attack)
6.  Cash Cow (With Love and Squalor)
7.  That's What Counts (Brain Thrust Mastery)
8.  Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (With Love and Squalor)
9.  Chick Lit (Brain Thrust Mastery)
10.  This Means War (Crap Attack)
11.  Dig Dug (After Hours Single)

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