Monday, June 14, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Tom Petty of the 00s

The music industry never ceases to amaze me.  They complain about the internet destorying their industry.  Yet, they do everything in their power to aid and abet them.  The new Tom Petty comes out this week.  A blues-blasted masterpiece from my first couple listens.  I want to get the album on vinyl.   Because if anyone out there cares whether his album will sound good on vinyl, it will be Tom Petty.  One of the last true rock artists, who gives a crap what his music sounds like.  Those of us who still buy records...and still prefer records (yes, I realize I'm a new addition to this category) know that Petty is someone who emphasizes in not digitizing his music.  He prefers the live snapshot of the band in the studio.  On vinyl, the experience will be unmatched.  So, what does Petty's label decide to do?  Delay the release of the vinyl for 2 weeks.  Why?  Who fucking knows.  The one artist whose fans may actually prefer to purchase the record over any other medium, are the ones you choose to screw over.  Idiots. After learning this, I went and acquired the music.  I didn't pay for it.  But I wanted to hear it.  I still plan on buying th vinyl...I just didn't want to wait.  And I'm not the only one.  Learning yet?

Here are the 11 Best Songs by Tom Petty of the 00s:

1.  The Last DJ (The Last DJ)
2.  Square One (Highway Companion)
3.  Ankle Deep (Highway Companion)
4.  Dreamville (The Last DJ)
5.  Saving Grace (Highway Companion)
6.  Lover of the Bayou (Mudcrutch)
7.  Night Driver (Highway Companion)
8.  The Wrong Thing To Do (Mudcrutch)
9.  You and Me (The Last DJ)
10.  Crystal River (Mudcrutch)
11.  Blue Moon of Kentucky (Good Rockin' Tonight)

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SteveA said...

I'm a 80's fan of Mr. Petty...but I have to admit I don't recognise any of the songs on your Top 11 - oh boy!