Thursday, June 17, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Morcheeba

I spent the day at E3 playing all the new video games in the coming years.  Playstation 3 has "Move" which is a wand like the Wii...Xbox has Kinect which has no controller whatsoever.  When I think of the future of video games I get excited.  Technology is giving developpers the ability to create games that we once only dreamed of playing.

When it come to music, I feel the exact opposite.  To me technology is music's biggest enemy, not its ally.  The more produced a song sounds, the less like a song it sounds.  Production has the power to clean out all the background noise, the frayed sound waves, giving the music a crisp & clean sound.  But all that extraneous snippets is what gives the song personality.  It's the little negative that makes the song positive.

With video games I look to the future, with music I'd rather live in the past.

Glad to see Skye Edwards feels the same way and has rejoined the brothers in Morcheeba.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Morcheeba:

1.  Blindfold (The Big Calm)
2.  The Music That We Hear (The Big Calm)
3.  Trigger Hippie (Who Can You Trust?)
4.  Shallow End (Fragments of Freedom)
5.  Otherwise (Charango)
6.  Undress Me Now (Charango)
7.  The Sea (The Big Calm)
8.  Tape Loop (Who Can You Trust?)
9.  Part of the Process (The Big Calm)
10.  What New York Couples Fight About (Charango)
11.  The Big Calm (The Big Calm)

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