Monday, June 07, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Against Me

Getting old sucks.  Everything you used to be able to do as a, oh let's say...walk up a flight of stairs becomes not only harder as you get older but it gets actually dangerous.  This weekend, as I was walking up our stairs in our house, I twisted my back and have been on the floor ever since.  I didn't run.  I didn't trip.  I didn't fall.  I walked.  That's it.  Walking up my stairs as I do every day of my life, crippled me.  Meanwhile, my daughters are doing cartwheels down the stairs, bouncing off the walls with a elfish "whee", and landing on their heads.  Then they get up and run into the walls at full speed and just laugh it off.  It's just not fair.  Not that I want to run into walls without injury...but making it to my bedroom without a trip to the emergency room would be nice.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Against Me!:

1.  Cliche Guevera (As The Eternal Cowboy)
2.  Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partners (Searching For A Former Clarity)
3.  Thrash Unreal (New Wave)
4.  White People For Peace (New Wave)
5.  Mutiny on the Electronic Bay (As The Eternal Cowboy)
6.  Rice And Bread (As The Eternal Cowboy)
7.  New Wave (New Wave)
8.  What We Worked For (Crime, As Forgiven By)
9.  Full Sesh (New Wave B-Sides)
10.  We Laugh At Danger (Re-inventing Axl Rose)
11.  Holy Shit! (Searching For A Former Clarity)

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Darryl said...

These are my top three, I don't really care for the rest of their music.

1 - Thrash Unreal
2 - Borne on the fm waves of the heart
3- Stop

Unknown said...

I expect getting old does suck but i believe exercise would help you with those stairs and everyday chores. If your problems are mainly physical ones exercise should help. It' fun and good for you! :(