Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Jimmy Eat World of the 00s

For all of those cats out there who run their own blogs, you all know that there's a new type of spammer running around.  Programs or bots automatically go out and search for key words in blogs and place comments in the comment section.  These comments are ads for other sites...like porn, fake rolexes or even offers to have your blog advertised in the comment section of other blogs.

These random comments have gotten out of hand.  Lately, I've been getting comments for the Republican party, Anti-Obama, and Jesus Christ propoganda.  This stuff doesn't really offend me as much as it perplexes me.  What born again Christian thinks their audience might be looking at a Weezer post?  A post about the TV show Weeds signifies an anti-Obama crowd?  Or how in the world does one think Iron Maiden and Sarah Palin are like peanut butter and jelly?

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Jimmy Eat World:

1. A Praise Chorus (Bleed American/Jimmy Eat World)

2. Disintegration (Stay On My Side Tonight)
3. Bleed American (Bleed American/Jimmy Eat World)
4. Chase This Light (Chase This Light)
5. Sweetness (Bleed American/Jimmy Eat World)
6. Pain (Futures)
7. Just Tonight… (Futures)
8. Get It Faster (Bleed American/Jimmy Eat World)
9. Big Casino (Chase This Light)
10. 23 (Futures)
11. Firefight (Chase This Light)

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Unknown said...

I like some of the older stuff like Lucky Denver Mint, or even older with Rockstar. Off Bleed America I really liked the slow My Sundown. The new album is pretty bad in my opinion.