Friday, September 17, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Jose Gonzalez

Did you know you can only fold a piece of paper in half 7 times?  Eight times if it's a thin napkin or tissue.  If somehow you were able to fold it 42 times in would stretch up to the moon.  Swear.  I tried to explain exponential growth to a friend.  They didn't get it.  They could not believe I was serious...and they thought I was a fool for suggesting such.  To me, exponential growth is very easy to understand.  I can't understand how some people can't grasp such simple concepts.  Until.... 

I didn't know Jose Gonzalez was Swedish.  This is how badly I didn't know Jose Gonzalez was Swedish.  I read there was a Swedish band coming out with their debut album and their name was Junip.  I thought this was strange because Jose Gonzalez had a band, too, called Junip.  I didn't understand how there could be two bands with the same name...not that it hasn't happened before.  (Just ask the 1960s Nirvana)  For some reason, I could not fathom it could be the same band...because for the life of me, I could not believe that Jose Gonzalez was from Sweden.  I knew he was from Europe.  But I thought the UK, Spain, or France.  Oh well...go Sweden.  I wonder if he ever gets in land battles with Royksopp.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Jose Gonzalez:

1.  Heartbeats (Veneer)
2.  Down The Line (In Our Nature)
3.  Teardrop  (In Our Nature)
4.  Cycling Trivialities  (In Our Nature)
5.  Slow Moves (Veneer)
6.  Remain (Veneer)
7.  Killing For Love  (In Our Nature)
8.  Storm (Austrailian Tour EP)
9.  All You Deliver (Veneer)
10. Crosses (Veneer)
11.  Hand On Your Heart (Austrailian Tour EP)

Buy Jose Gonzalez's new band's debut album:  Junip - Fields

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Michael said...

haha. nice story. reminds me in college when i was interested in this girl who liked led zeppelin and i had the singles soundtrack with the lovemongers version of 'the battle of evermore'. so i mentioned to her how page and plant wrote the song and she said, 'oh no, the song i know is by led zeppelin'. at that moment, i realized this was not meant to be.