Monday, September 27, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Bad Religion of the 00s

My friends and I had a debate over the notion of freewill. The topic started from a quote by Bad Religion singer Greg Graffin: "The allusion of freewill is so strong that we might as well assume we have it." It's an interesting quote when you start to explore the thought behind it. Now remember, this quote is coming from Graffin, who is a sworn atheist. He believes that because of our genetic make-up and our environmental upbringing, that our lives are practically pre-determined. No matter what you do...from the job you choose to the lunch you eat…it has all be pre-determined by your subconscious decades prior to the current moment. Heavy, huh?

Lead guitarist and chief songwriter, Brett Guerwitz left the band in the early 90s but returned at the start of the 2000s. As hard as he tried to concentrate on other endeavors, he was pre-determined to return to the band and help them stage a mighty comeback after a couple missteps. The career of BR is an amazing one. After starting in the punk scene of the 80s, they found themselves forced into the mainstream alternative maelstrom of the 90s, only to make a might comeback this decade, making some of their best music. They don’t make them like this anymore.

Here are the 11 Best Bad Religion Songs of the 00s:

1. The Defense (Process of Belief)
2. Heroes and Martyrs (New Maps of Hell)
3. Broken (Process of Belief)
4. God's Love (The Empire Strikes First)
5. Ephiphany (Process of Belief)
6. New Dark Ages (New Maps of Hell)
7. The Empire Strikes First (The Empire Strikes First)
8. Sorrow (Process of Belief)
9. Won't Somebody (acoustic) (New Maps of Hell)
10. Los Angeles Is Burning (The Empire Strikes First)
11. Don’t Sell Me Short (The New America)

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Interesting. Too bad every song by Bad religion sounds the exact f**king same!