Friday, September 03, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Jenny Lewis

Everybody loves free music. Even me.  I know a lot people read this blog just for the free tunes.  And that's okay.  Because I know there are some people who read the blog for the blog as well as the free tunes.  And, every once in awhile, I can alert people to new music...or a new band...or a new album that just got released.  In all fairness, I do think the bands deserve money...and the labels, begrudgingly. So, I do hope you go out and buy the albums now and again.  That said, I only leave the music up for a limited time.  Usually, one month.  I think it's fair, if you're going to get some free tunes then you should read the blog on a regular basis.  Lately, I've been getting a lot of requests for re-posts of old links that are 2-3 years past.  Sorry, guys...not going to happen.  When new albums come out...then maybe I'll re-post, but you have to pay attention.  You need tunes...I need scratch my back...I'll scratch yours and it'll all wash out in the end.

Here Are The 11 Best Solo Songs By Jenny Lewis:

1.  Handle With Care (Rabbit Fur Coat)
2.  You Are What You Love (Rabbit Fur Coat)
3.  Jack Killed Mom (Acid Tongue)
4.  Carpetbaggers (Acid Tongue)
5.  Paradise (Rise Up With Fists EP)
6.  Melt Your Heart (Rabbit Fur Coat)
7.  Bad Man's World (Acid Tongue)
8.  The Highs And Lows Of Being Number One (Acid Tongue Bonus Track)
9.  The Charging Sky (Rabbit Fur Coat)
10.  The Next Messiah (Acid Tongue)
11.  Go Away (Carpetbaggers EP)

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