Thursday, April 21, 2011

The 11 Best Solo Songs By Duff McKagan

With Record Store Day reporting record pun intended, it seems like a new trend might be forming in the music world as Record Store Day Part 2 may be quickly being thrown together for May 17th.  And this time, it's not pop music pushing's good old fashioned rock n roll.  As in the past, trends that end up ruling the music industry grow from the underground through grass root campaigns.  And who ever thought that records might actually save the music industry in the digital age?

Duff McKagan may be an odd person to mention in the same paragraph as praising RSD, but before he was a financial expert (true story) he was part of two underground movements.  The metal scene of the 80s, and the Seattle scene of the 90s.  Now he may have had a bigger role in the 80s part, he is definitely well-entrenched in the Seattle world.  Recently he gave a very smart examination of the Seattle Sound.  Check it out here.

Basically, when you break it down, the Seattle scene had personality for being unique.  It didn't take multi-million dollar processors to find its found its sound in its personality.  RSD has its own distinct personality...and its not the music industry controlling it, it's the little guys...which makes it truly unique.

The 11 Best Solo Songs By Duff McKagan:

1.  I See Through You (Sick)
2.  Who's To Blame (Beautiful Disease)
3.  Just Not There (Believe In Me)
4.  Flatline (Sick)
5.  No More (Wasted Heart)
6.  Wrap My Arms (Dark Days)
7.  Mezz (Beautiful Disease)
8.  Trouble (Believe In Me)
9.  Translucent (Sick)
10.  The Slide (Sick)
11.  Seattle Head (Beautiful Disease Version)

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