Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Foo Fighters of the 00s:

In the recent Rolling Stone, there's a huge article on the best new rock of 2011.  I was excited by the prospects of the article.  It's not a bad article except they forgot one important thing...they forgot the rock bands!!!  They give Adele first billing (a pop artist).  They give too more attention to rap artists (Wiz Khalifa, Odd Future, and Lex Luger).  The only real solid current rocking bands that get any attention are Pearl Jam, DBT, and Fleet Foxes.  And they give a small box to 90s influenced bands like Yuck, Cage The Elephant, and Mr. Dream.  The rest are pop artists, aging rockers, and nod to the ukulele.  How terribly disappointing of an article in a year where Bright Eyes made a solid comeback, the Decemberists resurrect R.E.M. who then in turn resurrects themselves.  The Strokes return, Soundgarden is recording, new Beastie Boys is on the way, not to mention the fact that the Foos put out their best album in 14 years. Come on RS...a deaf monkey could do better.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Foo Fighters of the 00s:

  1. The Pretender (Echoes, Silence, Patience, & Grace)
  2. Come Back (One By One)
  3. Low (One By One)
  4. DOA (In Your Honor)
  5. Halo (One By One)
  6. Times Like These (One By One)
  7. Erase/Replace  (Echoes, Silence, Patience, & Grace)
  8. Band on The Run (Cheer Up Boys single)
  9. Word Forward (Greatest Hits)
  10. Best of You (In Your Honor)
  11. Spill (Best of You single)
Buy the Foo Fighters new album, Wasting!!!!!


Chris said...

I'd actually be curious to hear a more indepth opinion from you about the new Foo Fighters album. I like it, but not even close to as much as the past two. And to hear you say their best in 14 years makes me think I might be taking it differently.

I did find the itunes b side for free and before the album came out from 107.7 the end. It's actually in really high quality and easily linked.

SteveA said...

I agree with your #1 choice! RS has sold their soul! There's so much good rock music out there and they seem to select so much pop artists? That's pretty boring!

acompleteunknown said...

I remember getting the first foo fighters demo tape on cassette...about a year before it was released, complete with the 3 b-sides including the ever elusive Butterflies. It was like the perfect tight package of songs. i thought the follow-up took Grohl's style a step farther in the songwriting department. but after that, it seemed like his vareity stalled. The next two albums were good and some great songs but overall, his sound started to sound too generic. I hated the double album. the fact disc was decent but not on par with his previous work and the slow disc bored the heck out of me. i've listened to it countless times trying to get into it...but i get no more 3-4 songs in and have to turn it off. the last album was a good return to form...but still seemed rough around the edges. This new album reminds me a lot of what his first two album were like. A tight package that starts with a bang and keeps rolling strong all the way to the end. It's like Grohl has rediscovered his inner DIY. I like the intimacy of the album. There's no sense of trying to be commercial. He's throwing his heart against the wall and letting splatter how it may (gross image). It's fun. It's charismatic. It's what a rock album should be. That's just my two cents.

acompleteunknown said...

that should read...
"the FAST disc was decent...."