Thursday, April 28, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Joan As Police Woman

This weekend, when my parents were in town, I had on the Cure's Disintegration.  About half way through the album, my mom commented that she was really enjoying the music and wondered what it was and if it was new.  I told her what it was but did not inform her that this was the same album I used to play in high school that she used to complain about.  To her it was so dark and dreadful and now twenty years older and less open-minded, she was enjoying it.  I think a lot of it has to do with how the culture changes.  As a certain style of music becomes the norm for society at large, it becomes more acceptable.  The Cure, which was far outside the mainstream in the 80s, has now laid the foundation for so much popular music today.  A perfect example: Adele recently covered The Cure's goth love classic, Love Song.

Twenty years ago, hip-hop was not the accepted mainstream norm.  Parents hated it, kids loved it.  But now it's the norm, while rock music is struggling to keep up.  Joan Wasser accepts, and proved it when she covered multiple rap songs on her recent covers album.  And they weren't just a novelty, they were done as serious covers.  And honestly, they're pretty darn good...strangely (or maybe not) better than most of the rock songs.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Joan As Police Woman:

1.  Holiday (To Survive)
2.  Christobel (Real Life)
3.  The Ride (Real Life)
4.  I Defy (Real Life)
5.  Whatever You Like (Cover)
6.  To Be Loved (To Survive)
7.  Magpies (To Survive)
8.  She Watch Channel Zero (Cover)
9.  Eternal Flame (Real Life)
10.  Overprotected (Cover)
11.  Ringleader Man (Cover)

Buy Joan As Police Woman's new album, the Deep!!


SteveA said...

Joan doing rap? Now that's interesting! 30 Seconds to Mars covered Kayne West's "Stronger" but made it into their own! Cross-over is good I guess.

Also another song by The Cure that's always covered is "Just Like Heaven"....the version by "The Watson Twins" is really good!

Unknown said...

The Magic (The Deep Field) one of the best songs produced by anybody, ever. IMO.