Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Sparta

Jim Ward is truly the unsung hero of the Austin music scene.  I truly believe that Ward was the songwriting presence that made At The Drive-In the tight punk rock package that it was.  Once he was pulled out of the fray...the band became The Mars Volta, which practically threw song structure out the window.  Ward formed his own band, Sparta, which I thought had even crossover potential that ATDI had, if not more mass appeal.  They didn't take off as hoped.  Ward went in another direction with his alt. country band, Sleepercar.  That only lasted one album, until Ward gave that up for his own solo folk career.  Yep, from punk to alt. rock to country to folk, Ward has churned out fantastic overlooked songs.  What I love about Ward's career is that he just doesn't prescribe to any pre-conceived identity.  He is true to his music and it shows.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Sparta:

1.  Taking Back Control (Threes)
2.  Atlas (Threes)
3.  Breaking The Broken (Porcelain)
4.  Air (Wiretap Scars)
5.  Mye (Wiretap Scars)
6.  La Cerca (Porcelain)
7.  Guns of Memorial Park (Porcelain)
8.  Each Brave Eye (Cut Your Ribbon)
9.  Cut Your Ribbon (Wiretap Scars)
10.  Untreatable Disease (Threes)
11.  Farewell Ruins (Porcelain B-side)

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Unknown said...

great to see that someone recognises Ward the same way that I do. A laid back self taught muso who writes music because they love it, and doesn't put himself in any type of genre. Great musician! Collapse from Wiretap Scars is missing from your list Haha ;)