Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By The Kills

When the Kills came out, they had the unfortunate luck of have a band name that was only a couple letters off a the more commercially popular Killers.  Killers fans came out in droves to accuse the band of trying to milk off the Killers success.  Those who bothered to stick around and listen for a bit, discovered they were a very different breed of band.  They fell more into the White Stripes world rather than the world of 80s throwback dance.  But that only opened another can of worms.  Now, White Stripes fans were giving them crap for trying to rip off the Stripes sound.  When Jack White recruited The Kills singer, Allison Mosshart, to join his Dead Weather wrecking crew, he legitimized them.  Ten years down the road, the Stripes are no more.  The Killers are less relevant than the 80s music their mimicking...and The Kills are still rocking.

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Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Kills:

  1. Black Balloon (Midnight Boom)
  2. Cat Claw (Keep On Your Mean Side)
  3. Last Day Of Magic (Midnight Boom)
  4. Pull A U (Keep On Your Mean Side)
  5. Rodeo Town (No Wow)
  6. Tape Song (Midnight Boom)
  7. Night Train (B-Side)
  8. Love Is a Deserter (No Wow)
  9. Goodnight Bad Morning (Midnight Boom)
  10. Black Rooster (Keep On Your Mean Side)
  11. The Good Ones (No Wow)
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Chris said...

I don't know if you saw it, i forget how i originally heard of the kills.. if it was just Alison's new band after discount or just randomly finding it from someone or some link. However, when the kills first started out they actually had a demo of songs that were really different and really really strange on the kind of crappy website that they had at the time. Theres a newer version of one of those songs on the "Friend My Little Brains" EP called "Jewel Thief". Just thought I'd throw that out there. I also have a cd-r of those demos around somewhere but its mp3s burned to a cd-r so the quality after importing is questionable.

If anyone has those demo tracks in mp3 or better I would be very interested in have them. If anyone is interested in me ripping the cd-r copy I have I'd definitely be willing to put it up on mediafire or something.

martin512 said...


The Kills - Top 10 The Kills Songs Plus The Kills Lyrics


moonlight-drive said...

Hi there ! I was wondering if you know where I can find the rare demos that Chris was talking about in his comment, it would be so great ! Thank you very much :-)

Unknown said...

I gotta add "At the Back of the Shell" to the best songs list. It's very raw, very awesome.

Unknown said...

I gotta add "At the Back of the Shell" to the best songs list. It's very raw, very awesome.

Unknown said...

I remember the first I saw the Kills. It was March 1 in Atlanta after a Radiohead concert. I hung out at a friends hotel and the band was on Carson Daley show except the sound was turned down all the way, because I had a friend that liked to talk and talk a lot. From that night, I had meant to check them out but never really did. For a long time I didn't know the name of the band. One day I read that it was the Kills that sang the opening to the mini-series Political Animals. After that I was hooked.