Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Maritime

The Promise Ring was the first emo band I found myself obsessed with.  I had recently graduated college and was still clinging to the last of the grunge bands while I swam around in the rap-rock infested radio waters.  The future of rock seemed rather bleak, until I listened to Very Emergency.  It was like wandering around in a darkened room and someone suddenly turned on the lights.  Was this singer really embodying Morrissey while crooning over indie punk chords?  I was hooked.  It didn't sound produced.  It sounded out of sync, uncoordinated, disheveled...but it a beautiful mess.  It wasn't supposed to sound perfect, and that's what made it so fascinating.  The band had energy and drive...and excellent songwriting.  Yet, there didn't seem to be the least yearning for production.  And, it didn't need it.

Maritime is now two bands removed from the emo legend, but they still manage to harness Davey Von Bohlen musical vision.  In a world dominated by musical artists, who can't survive without production, it's nice to hear someone who appreciates good song writing is still around for the rest of us.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Maritime:

1.  The Window Is the Door (Glass Floor)
2.  Young Alumni (We, The Vehicles)
3.  Don't Say You Don't (We, The Vehicles)
4.  Someone Has To Die (Glass Floor)
5.  Adios (Glass Floor)
6.  Tearing Up The Oxygen (We, The Vehicles)
7.  Be Unhappy (Heresy and The Hotel Choir)
8.  For Science Fiction (Heresy and The Hotel Choir)
9.  People, The Vehicles (We, The Vehicles)
10.  Sleep Around (Glass Floor)
11.  Guns of Navaronne (Heresy and The Hotel Choir)

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Mykee Mykee said...

it'd be awesome if you made a download available of this lil "greatest hits" you've compiled here! =)

Mykee Mykee said...

it would be awesome if you made a download available for this little "greatest hits" album you've compiled =)