Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By M83

M83 ran into an interesting hurdle with their new epic double-album masterpiece.  It leaked.  Now, most albums leak these days.  There's actually websites out there that keep track of the very instant an album leaks and links to them. When the Jay-Z/Kanye West collaboration didn't leak...that was huge news!  But not only did M83's new album leak...it leaked two months early.  A week or two yearly can actually build a buzz.  When it's two months early...who doesn't have the album by that point?  It's kind like going to see a movie in a movie theater when you already own the DVD.  That's the one thing I never understood about the music industry.  Why wait so long to release music when you have the album done?  It's not the same as a movie where you can build a following with a trailer.  Most albums pick up momentum after their out.  M83 had the indie rock song of the late summer with "Midnight City" but the album was months away.  With a song that was that exciting why not have the album ready to buy.  With music, the longer you make people wait to make your albums available the more likely they will move onto the next big thing.  I've been listening to their new album so long, when making this list, I forgot which songs were new and which were old.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By M83:

1.  Kim & Jessie (Saturdays = Youth)
2.  Don't Save Us From The Flames (Before The Dawn Heals Us)
3.  Graveyard Girl (Saturdays = Youth)
4.  Skin of the Night (Saturdays = Youth)
5.  Teen Angst (Before The Dawn Heals Us)
6.  Farewell - Goodbye (Before The Dawn Heals Us)
7.  Bruits De Train (Digital Shades)
8.  A Guitar And a Heart (Before The Dawn Heals Us)
9.  America (Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts)
10. Dark Moves of Love (Saturdays = Youth)
11.  Asterick (Before The Dawn Heals Us)

Buy M83's new album, Hurry Up I'm Dreaming...now!


MichaelT said...

I'm fairly new to this artist, so thanks for the list. My favorites so far are easily Lower Your Eyelids, and Moonchild

Unknown said...

Ummm M83 first two albums were good, then it got incredibly cheesed out. I'm embarrassed I used to like them.

Unknown said...

Dead Cities was great, first album also interesting but unpolished. Subsequent to that they've turned into really terrible pop. I'm embarrassed for what they've become.

TIA TY said...

"Ummm M83 first two albums were good, then it got incredibly cheesed out. I'm embarrassed I used to like them."
Oh my god im such a hipster oooh look at me i only bands that suck and no one likes and even if i like them if other people start to i dont like them anymore oohhh HIPSTERS Can SUCK my BALLS