Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The 11 Best Ryan Adams Solo

Doing any sort of list for Ryan Adams is a complicated mess.  The guy has so many different albums it's hard to compile them in any sort of comprehensive list.  There's the music he made with the Cardinals, his dozens of B-sides, his unreleased albums and bootleg albums.  Since I've done Cardinals albums and posted many unreleased tracks...I thought I'd go back to his solo work since this is the first solo album in years.  Well...as long as you don't count Orion.

Here are the 11 Best Solo Songs by Ryan Adams:

1.  La Cienega Just Smiled (Gold)
2.  This Is It (Rock N Roll)
3.  Hotel Chelsea Nights (Love Is Hell)
4.  Call Me on Your Way Back Home (Heartbreaker)
5.  Firecracker (Gold)
6.  New York, New York (Gold)
7.  To Be Young (Heartbreaker)
8.  Strawberry Wine (29)
9.  When the Stars Go Blue (Gold)
10. I See Monsters (Love Is Hell)
11. Nightbirds (29)

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely dig Ryan Adams. I just released a cover version of his tune, "Games". I would love to link to this post on my blog.... http://www.briankatz.org. Check it out, and let me know