Friday, October 14, 2011

Free Music Friday: Tokyo Police Club - The Polaroid Album

I know this is a few weeks old but that doesn't change how much fun the music is. As a promotion for Polaroid, Tokyo Police Club covered 10 songs from the past decade.  They covered one pivotal song from each year.  And the choices are all over the place from the alternative smash hit The Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World to the indie darling Kim & Jessie by M83 to the tween pop smash hit Party in the USA by Mylie Cyrus.  I don't know how they did  it, but they made Kelly Clarkson listenable.  There seems to be a growing trend of bands and compilations featuring nothing but covers.  And all of them have been free from the Nevermind cover album by Spin and the Is This It cover album from Stereogum.  It's times like these that I feel like the music industry is finally figuring out ways to use the internet for nothing but positive means.

Here is Tokyo Police Club - The Polaroid Album:

1.  Southside (2001 - Moby)
2.  Sweetness (2002 - Jimmy Eat World)
3.  Under Control (2003 - The Strokes)
4.  Since U Been Gone (2004 - Kelly Clarkson)
5.  Little Sister (2005 - Queens of the Stone Age)
6.  Long Distance Call (2006 - Phoenix)
7.  All My Friends (2007 - LCD Soundsystem)
8.  Kim and Jessie (2008 - M83)
9.  Strictly Game (2009 - Harlem Shakes)
10.  Party in the USA (2010 - Mylie Cyrus)

Get The Polaroid Album here, now!!!  Thanks to Chromewaves....

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