Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Unknown: Coldplay - A&B

I was turned onto an article by the AV Club referring to something called the five-album test.  It's actually an old music cliche that was originally coined by Sting decades ago.  I guess some writer thought he could pass it off as his own, hoping his audience wouldn't know about or have forgotten a 30-year-old theory.  Basically the five-album test proves true greatness.  It basically poses the theory that very few bands can have five great albums in a row, and those who do are truly worthy of legendary status.  Now the AV Club article is not only poorly written but the writer seems to have an extremely limited knowledge of music...not to mention that he contradicts himself by stating that the only criteria of establishing whether an album is great or not is whether he deems it so.  I say that Bob Dylan's early works are passable, Radiohead's Amnesiac is half a good album and Pablo Honey doesn't exist, while Speakerboxx/Love Below is spotty work and he neglects to mention the Police, considering he stole his theory from them. Doing this sketchy musical critique, you're pretty much shooting yourself in the credibility foot.  That said, the five-album test is a very interesting one.  Despite how you decide an album should be considered great or'll be surprised to discover that even your favorite bands struggle to release five great albums in a row.

This week Coldplay releases their fifth album.  Most detractors will argue that the third Coldplay album, X&Y, would definitely be the low point of the band's career, it's hard not to concur that they have been a musical force for all of them.

Here is Coldplay - A&B:

1.  The One I Love
2.  I Bloom Blaum
3.  136
4.  I Ran Away
5.  Crest of Waves
6.  Animals
7.  Murder
8.  Things I Don't Understand 
9.  Proof
10.  Sleeping Sun
11.  Gravity
12.  The World Turned Upside Down
13.  How You See The World
14.  Lips Like Sugar

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