Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Puscifer

Someone sent me a review of the newest Jane's Addiction album from the Onion's AV club.  They slammed it.  They gave it an F.  Now, after giving the album a few listens I can verify it's not their greatest effort but it's no F quality.  Here was my problem with the review.  It sounded like the reviewer listened to the album already expecting to hate it.  So then, he looked for things to hate about it...even though in his own review he mentions songs that he liked.  It was a bias negative review just for the sake of the reviewer having the opportunity to be edgy and hip because he's shitting on an old school band.  One of the main issues this reviewer had with the new Jane's Addiction album was that it wasn't as innovative and groundbreaking as their first three albums.  The current music was static, ordinary, it sounded like everything else out there.  But why does everything else out there get a free pass for being vanilla to begin with...why can't Jane's come down to earth once in awhile?  I guess Jane's basically shot themselves in the foot by being too good out of the gates.  Hopefully the Stone Roses do better in their 2012 reunion.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Puscifer:

1.  The Mission - M is for Milla Mix (C Is For)
2.  Momma Sed (V is For Vagina)
3.  The Undertaker (Underworld)
4.  Polar Bear (C Is For)
5.  Holiday on the Moon (New Takes To Tell)
6.  Rev 22:20 (Underworld Evolution)
7.  Potions - Deliverance Mix (C Is For)
8.  Lighten Up Francis - JLE Dub Mix (Underworld Rise of the Lycans)
9.  Cuntry Boner - Disco Viagra Mix (Cuntry Boner single)
10.  The Humbling River - Nagual del Judith Mix (Sound Into Blood Into Wine)
11.  Queen B (V is For Vagina)

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