Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Airborne Toxic Event

Facebook's ads are killing me.  They're not just annoying my Facebook experience, they're also hurting this blog. GBU has its own Facebook page.  We have have a modest amount of followers.  Now I can't speak for all my followers but I know when I like a page, it's because I want to get updates from that page.  For awhile, that was happening.  But now, Facebook is asking me to pay to advertise to the followers I already have.  They're only exposing my blog to about 20% of my followers.  Meanwhile, on my personal page, I'm not getting updates of the stuff I like...but instead I'm getting updates/advertising in news feed for things I don't really care about...or things I don't even like.  I get that Facebook needs to make money...but not at the expense of ruining the experience.  If people stop liking Facebook because of the ads and stop coming...then it makes using it as an advertising platform irrelevant.

So here's my grass roots plan.  I need more followers.  If you haven't liked our Facebook page yet...please do it now.  Here's the link: GBU Facebook.

If you have liked the page...suggest it to another friend.  See if you can help us build our following.  The more followers we get, the more posts we'll everyone wins.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Airborne Toxic Event:
  1. Gasoline (The Airborne Toxic Event)
  2. Papillion (The Airborne Toxic Event)
  3. Numb (All At Once)
  4. Innocence (The Airborne Toxic Event)
  5. Welcome To Your Wedding Day (All At Once)
  6. The Wishing Song (Muppets: The Green Album)
  7. The Winning Side (Bonus)
  8. Wishing Well (The Airborne Toxic Event)
  9. All I Ever Wanted (All At Once)
  10. The Graveyard Near The House (All At Once)
  11. Boots of Spanish Leather (Chimes of Freedom)
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Unpleasant Milk said...

Recently discovered this band. Fantastic.