Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By She & Him

There has been considerable uproar over Zach Braff's use of Kickstarter to shoot his new movie.  For some reason every one thinks that Kickstarter should not be for wealthy people and only for hard-working people.  I've seen Kickstarters for many friends and associates.  They make nothing.  One friend was trying to purchase a lunch truck.  He raised $2,400.  He needed $25,000.  Another friend was trying to raise money for his wedding.  He was asking for $40,000.  He got $7,600.  I even had friend trying to fund a short film.  He needed $35,000.  He got...and I'm not making this up...$650.  When our friends use it...they're doing something for themselves and are just looking for our support.  Yes, in theory it should be for the up-and-comers trying to pursue their dream...but that doesn't always work.

On the flipside, when a celebrity uses Kickstarter, they're offering a product that everyone will have the potential to enjoy.  Rob Thomas offered a Veronica Mars movie that no studio would make.  The only way for this to happen was with Kickstarter.  Zach Braff can't get the backing of a studio for his new project, so he's asking the fans to step up and help him get it done.  A lot of people are pointing out that Braff could just pay for it himself.  Sure, but that's possible...but that doesn't work creatively.  For filmmakers to succeed, you need to be beholden to a great source.  They also need to know there's an audience for this pic.  If Braff put up his movie and no one bid...then he knows not to make.  And if people want to give money...let them.  They want to do it...who are we to stop them?  Having the audience involved in the project is a good thing.  That means Braff has to put up something good.

The last one to pay for his own movie so he could have complete control of the outcome...George Lucas and the new Star Wars trilogy.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By She & Him:
  1. Don't Look Back (Volume Two)
  2. This Is Not A Test (Volume One)
  3. Over It Over Again (Volume Two)
  4. In The Sun (Volume Two)
  5. Sweet Darlin' (Volume One)
  6. Thieves (Volume Two)
  7. Ridin' In My Car (Volume Two)
  8. I Was Made For You (Volume One)
  9. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? (Volume One)
  10. Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want (500 Days of Summer)
  11. Lotta Love (Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?)
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