Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Noah & The Whale

David Bowie released a new video this week for his song, The Next Day.  It's your basic Priests in a sex club, prostitutes, blood squirting everywhere, Gary Oldman-starred, music video.  Who hasn't made a video like this?  I think Amy Grant made like three of them.  I get that the video is mildly offensive but it's also making an artistic statement, whether you agree that the statement has validity or not.  I'm not saying that art always is accurate when questioning morality or religion or politics but it should have the right to ask these questions without the fear of being censored.  What is most surprising about this is that YouTube of all places has banned the video.  I'm assuming that they're doing it because of the anti-Christian statement...or possible because of the blood?  But has YouTube seen the type of videos that are currently up on YouTube.  A basic search turns up 380,000 anti-Jewish videos, 494,000 anti-Muslim videos, and 446,000 anti-Christian videos.  Why is the line drawn at David Bowie?  Madonna's Like a Prayer is up there on the Warner Bros channel.  Okay, so maybe it's the blood... But then again, I found over 100,000 compilations featuring violent clips from Taratino movies, the Biting Elbows music video that opens with a guy getting shot in the head, and a compilation of all the bloody scenes from the first 5 Saw movies.  But again, David Bowie is where you draw the line?  I guess even at 66, David Bowie is still too cutting edge for our parents.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Noah and The Whale:
  1. Give It All Back (Last Night On Earth)
  2. Jocasta (Peaceful the World Lays Me Down)
  3. Stranger (The First Days of Spring)
  4. Just Before We Met (Last Night On Earth)
  5. Shape of My Heart (Peaceful the World Lays Me Down)
  6. My Broken Heart (The First Days of Spring)
  7. If My Album Sold A Million (Presents The A Sides)
  8. Blue Skies (The First Days of Spring)
  9. Give a Little Love (Peaceful the World Lays Me Down)
  10. Black Cab (Presents The A Sides)
  11. I Have Nothing (The First Days of Spring)
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