Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Franz Ferdinand

Sexuality is a gift not a right.  Just because you wear something skimpy and get a stage all to yourself, doesn't mean that you can do anything you want and still win over a crowd.  Sexuality is about subtle confidence.  It's about teasing your audience with just enough ammunition that their imaginations run wild.  There's grace to being sexual.  There's charisma.  There's even brains.  What Mylie Cyrus did at the VMAs was not sexual, it was shock and awful.  I'm sure this is what happened, Mylie and her friends were sitting around dropping E or Mollie and they came up with some brilliant idea to have her she's dress up like a gross little rat (lame Disney reference) while surrounded by teddy bears (Hannah Montana reference).  The problem is that idea is only brilliant when you're fucking high.  It was like watching someone else's bad drug trip while being sober.  And what do high people look like to sober people? That's right:  fucking idiots.  This will be a lesson to Mylie.  Watch a Madonna video...see how it's done.  Elvis wore a suit when he gyrated on stage and he had millions of screaming women wanting him.  Mylie had millions of people screaming...for her to go away.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Franz Ferdinand:

  1. Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand)
  2. Well That Was Easy (You Could Have It So Much Better)
  3. No You Girls (Tonight)
  4. Dark of the Matinee (Franz Ferdinand)
  5. You're The Reason I'm Leaving (You Could Have It So Much Better)
  6. Live Alone (Tonight)
  7. 40' (Franz Ferdinand)
  8. You Could Have It So Much Better (You Could Have It So Much Better)
  9. Twilight Omens (Tonight)
  10. This Fire (Franz Ferdinand)
  11. All My Friends (All My Friends EP)
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