Monday, August 19, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Washed Out

I think there should be a requirement list for people to leave comments in the comment section of any web page.  It's bad enough that there's no restraint when people make postings on Facebook.  At least on Facebook you have to use your real name and are forced to stand behind your words.  But on random web pages you can be virtually anyone and say practically anything.  Barack Obama could be on his computer at home visit the Taylor Swift web page and leave a comment about how Swift's new song is a gun-toting America hate-filled anthem about wanting to kill all the minorities and eat their spleens (I'm referring to the song "22").  All he has to do is leave a random user name like "Rahmeatsafatone6" and no one will know it is him.  And he can say anything he wants.  I was reading the comment section today about the box office for the weekend at the movies.  The comment section went from bashing the movie because Oprah is a racist to arguing that American school teach alternative history to our children and it's the reason the terrorists are winning because we voted for a Muslim in the presidency.  This was the discussion about a movie.  Seriously.  WTF.  I wanted to know what people thought about the movie The Butler...and instead I got a history lesson about how Oprah was a tool for the white-hating left.  As a liberal...I didn't know I hated white people.  And as college graduate with a major in history...thanks to all the well-informed people on the internet for keeping things in perspective.

Here are The 11 Best Songs By Washed Out:
  1. Amor Fati (Within And Without)
  2. Call It Off (Amor Fati)
  3. Feel It All Around (Life of Leisure)
  4. Echoes (Within And Without)
  5. Belong (Kitsune Maison Comp 9)
  6. Straight Back (Just Tell Me That You Want Me)
  7. Soft (Within And Without)
  8. You And I (Within And Without)
  9. Lately (Life of Leisure) 
  10. Eyes Be Closed (Within And Without)
  11. New Theory (Life of Leisure)
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