Sunday, August 04, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By Wolfmother

Somewhere between the misty mountains of Led Zeppelin and the dirty ground of the White Stripes, a little three-piece clawed their way out from down under using only their six-strings and their mushroom cloud hair, howling and shredding the whole way.  Their brief two album career amount to a stellar debut album and a fierce sophomore double album that suffered from being too much too fast.  Not only was it two full albums worth of also came with an third album's worth of b-sides, covers and live tracks.  The Smashing Pumpkins waited until album number 4 to drop an entire library of new material on us.  Guns N Roses even waited until their third release to hit with the double LP.  Wolfmother may not have been on the same level but they aspired to be.  And like Icarus, their demise could have been trying to fly to the sun too fast.  The band never made it to their third album.  With only lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Andrew Stockdale left in the band...even he quickly realized he was making a solo album and not another Wolfmother album.  That said...his new solo album deserves a place next to the rest of the band's catalog.

The 11 Best Songs By Wolfmother:

  1. Violence of the Sun (Cosmic Egg)
  2. Joker & The Thief (Wolfmother)
  3. New Moon Rising (Cosmic Egg)
  4. Woman (Wolfmother)
  5. Cosmic Egg (Cosmic Egg)
  6. Back Round (Cosmic Egg)
  7. Where Eagles Have Been (Wolfmother)
  8. Please To Meet You (Spiderman 3)
  9. Colossal (Wolfmother) 
  10. Sundial (Cosmic Egg)
  11. Pyramid (Wolfmother)
Buy Andrew Stockdale's new solo album, Keep!

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