Thursday, September 19, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By The Dirtbombs of the 00s

Two months away from the release of my first book.  As promised, here's another post from the book as it appears in print.  Enjoy!  More to come...


Back in the 1960s, England had outlawed rock music.  The government needed to protect its fragile British youth from the dangerous influence of the corruptible messages of the Rolling Stones, the Who, and the Kinks.  So private boats anchored in international waters, broadcast the scandalous songs to their audience on dry land.  That music that pulsed with intense raw energy.  The bands of the 60s were painted as criminals but they were nothing more than a bunch of young kids banging on their instruments and shouting about everything that crossed their mind.  To have that kind of unbridled freedom was an attractive force that could never be stopped.  The Dirtbombs sound like they were part of this generation.  The static charge of their guitars blasts out of the speakers like the band was broadcasting live from a garage hidden on the bottom deck of an abandoned fishing boat.  It's not just like the band sounds like they should have been part of this world, they play as if they still have a chance.  As if they play with such fury and fire, their music might actually travel back in time and be heard by this past era.

The 11 Best Songs by The Dirtbombs of the 00s:

1.      21st Century Fox (Dangerous Magical Noise)
2.      Wreck My Flow (We Have You Surrounded)
3.      Ever Lovin' Man (We Have You Surrounded)
4.      Don't Break My Heart (Dangerous Magical Noise)
5.      Chains of Love (Ultraglide In Black)
6.      Brand New Game (If You Don't Already Have A Look)
7.      All My Friends (If You Don't Already Have A Look)
8.      If You Want (Ultraglide In Black)
9.      Stuck In Thee Garage (Dangerous Magical Noise)
10.  Lupita Screams (If You Don't Already Have A Look)
11.  Indivisible (We Have You Surrounded)

Fun Fact:  Lead singer, Mick Collins, originally conceived the band as singles-only outfit.  But due to mass popularity, they caved and began releasing full albums.

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