Friday, September 06, 2013

The 11 Best Songs By The Pixies

Earlier this year, David Bowie made a long-awaited return.  My Bloody Valentine released their first album in 22 years.  Now, the Pixies are following suit. (And Sebadoh is not far behind)  Granted it's only an EP and Kim Deal is no longer with the band.  Though the EP is receiving generally good reviews, there's a lot of animosity out there that the new music tarnishes the band's legacy.  I never understood how bands' comeback albums always bring the question of whether the new music will trample the band's legacy. Isn't that the case with every new album?  Every subsequent album in a band's catalog can either bring down a band's legacy or elevate it.  It doesn't matter if it's been 3 years or 22 years in between releases.   Every release can affect that band's career.  A great legacy can be formed with one album, look at the Sex Pistols and Jeff Buckley.  If a band releases a truly bad album that doesn't necessarily discount the great music they made before that.  Dylan's Self-Portrait didn't ruin his career, it may have been a road bump, but now 30 years later, that album is receiving new love.  The great thing about being a musician is that they have the ability to re-establish themselves with the next album, look at what Eminem did with Recovery after Relapse.  The new EP series from the Pixies is a new era in the life of the Pixies...and will always be a piece of the legacy of the Pixies.

Here are The 11 Best Songs By The Pixies:
  1. Wave of Mutilation (Doolittle)
  2. Where is My Mind? (Surfer Rosa)
  3. Debaser (Doolittle)
  4. Rock Music (Bossanova)
  5. Alec Eiffel (Tromp Le Monde)
  6. U-Mass (Tromp Le Monde)
  7. Gouge Away (Doolittle)
  8. Monkey Gone To Heaven (Doolittle)
  9. Here Comes Your Man (Doolittle)
  10. Dig For Fire (Bossanova)
  11. Gigantic (Surfer Rosa)
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