Saturday, May 27, 2006

THE ELEVEN - Best White Stripes Songs

It's Memorial Day weekend and what better way to celebrate than with a list of the 11 best songs from the White Stripes.

  1. Seven Nation Army (from Elephant)
  2. Dead Leaves And the Dirty Ground (from White Blood Cells)
  3. Apple Blossom (from De Stijl)
  4. Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise (from De Stijl)
  5. Hotel Yorba (from White Blood Cells)
  6. Fell in Love With a Girl (from White Blood Cells)
  7. We’re Going To Be Friends (from White Blood Cells)
  8. Black Math (from Elephant)
  9. Hypnotise (from Elephant)
  10. The Denial Twist (from Get Behind Me Satan)
  11. Death Letter (from De Stijl)
Tomorrow...the eleven best songs about war...(Tuesday back to the reviews)


zeroshek said...

Don't think anyone really cares about lists. My top 5 vegetables by the way are:

1)Tomato (It's not a fruit!)
4)Green Bean

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